Aveda Founder, the late Horst Rechelbacher, once said 
“if it’s not love, stop doing it,” a mantra perhaps best captured in his Aveda Love™ Composition Oil. In fact, there may be no better gift for Valentine’s Day than the oil, which features a sensual aroma that works as the perfect additive for a meditative bath—or for a massage—with soothing and calming essences of sandalwood, rose, jasmine, olibanum, myrrh, and more.


“I had learned early on which aromas aided me during meditation, and I kept returning to this particular combination, which I found to be comforting, balancing, nurturing, and somehow helped connect me to the core of my being,” Horst said of the original ‘Love’ oil, which was first introduced by Aveda in 1980. “So, I developed it into a remedy for therapeutic services for my clients, and it was through this ritual of nurturing them that I achieved personal gratification and spiritual satisfaction.”


Last year, Aveda rekindled its love for the oil with a new interpretation of Horst’s beloved creation, designed by Aveda’s Head of Pure-Fume™ Aroma, Guy Vincent, which contains Australian sandalwood, certified organic vetiver, frankincense and jasmine. “Horst was a deeply spiritual man who cared greatly for the earth,” says Guy. To honor Horst’s love for the earth, and specifically for birds, Aveda vowed that for each bottle of the revamped Aveda Love™ Composition Oil sold, $4 from the suggested retail price would be donated to the National Audubon Society to support climate change initiatives that protect the natural ecosystem of birds.



This year, Aveda is continuing the initiative, with the goal of raising even more money for Audubon. As Horst said, “Each day presents every one of us with the opportunity to create positive effects. Even the simplest, seemingly insignificant choices—what to wear, what to use on our bodies—has a ripple effect.”


In light of that, picking up the new Aveda Love™ Composition Oil (and pledging your commitment to wildlife) could spread love farther than you ever imagined. For the uninitiated, here are some of the ways the oil can be used:

- Add a few drops to running bath water. Float rose petals in bath. Leave a glass of champagne by the tub and invite your loved one to soak.
- Use it in an aromatic body massage. 

- Or simply gift it for your love to use as aroma.




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